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Welcome to DISCUS Olomouc - Discus Farm
"We specialize in breeding discus"

Discus Farm is located neer Olomouc city. We would like to offer you healthy and unrelated fish suitable for breeding.

Our discus selection includes:

Pigeon Blood | SnakeSkin | Leopard SnakeSkin | Red Tyrkys | Leopard Ring
Pigeon Checkerboard | Pigeon Pearl | Ghost | Red Spotted | Blue Briliant | Red Melone
Discus Heckel WF - Discus Brown (Alenquer F2)

(please see the actual offer in section: "Current Offer")

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries.
The pricelist we will gladly provide upon request.

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All our Discus, are addicted to hard tap water. Water general characteristics : 570 uS, pH 6.9, 28 ° C.  As the feeding of frozen products we use Aquarimex Company (Aquamaster TEAM), which guarantees high quality of food. It is mostly beef heart and blood worms XL. Another item of food are chips, granules and supplements Tony Tan, Sera and Tropical.

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